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Osteopathy  // Taping

K-taping  addresses  to everybody  (the athlete, the sedentary, the infant, the pregnant woman, etc.)


These small bands allow  an extension of osteopathic treatments thanks to its action 24 hours a day for 5 days. 

It is a strip of cotton fabric on which glue is placed. However, the position of the glue has been precisely analyzed to optimize the effect.

With the glue and the tension exerted  on the band, the taping will make it possible to slightly lift the skin and generate convolutions, that is to say small waves which will make it possible to make more room.

1. Reduction of the pressure exerted on the subcutaneous mechanoreceptors

Mechanoreceptors are small neurological receptors, located under the skin, which send pain information to the brain when they are compressed too much. The k-tape, lifting the skin,  decompresses the receptors which gives the brain an impression of less pain.


2. Improved blood and lymphatic circulation

The skin is like a foot pressing lightly on a garden hose. Thus, when the skin is raised as if lifting the foot, the garden hose in this case here the "  lymphatic channels", are  less tablets  and lymphatic flow is increased. The same is true for blood circulation.

3. Optimization of joint function

By guiding the joint by holding it with tape or by working on the ligaments, tendons or muscles, the joint will have less stress and can therefore work again in a balanced way. Thus, the taping bands allow the return of homeostasis, that is to say the balance of the body.


4. Action on different structures

Thanks to its different cutting techniques  and installation, the taping will be able to adapt to each structure  and deal with them specifically. Thus, these bands will have an action on the ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, fascias, skin, etc. It's much less known, but K-tape also has an effect on the digestive system, so in cases of functional colopathy, painful periods, etc. kinesio taping can bring you relief.

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