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Kinetic Swedish

Kinetic Swedish massage is an intervention that applies a set of massage techniques adapted to both muscle attachments and tendons and muscles.

His intervention aims to provide great muscle relaxation and to promote an increase in the range of motion, hence the term "kinetic" which means movement.

Kinetic Swedish massage techniques are applied from one muscle attachment point to another. This type of massage is an experience in itself. It helps to sharpen body awareness.

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Of Californian origin, the massage  Esalen is a gentle and intuitive body approach. Derived from Swedish massage to which are added mobilizations and stretching. A massage in style  Esalen is an experience that values the discovery of the unknown, a space to enlarge the place of habitual perceptions of the receiver.

massage  Esalen aims to relax the client to introduce him to awareness processes. It awakens in him the consideration of his bodily needs, then naturally leading him to establish a healthier relationship with his environment.

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Deep tissue
Massothérapie magog

In  performing oblique pressure on the tissues, the emphasis is on stretching the muscle and myofascial fibers. This approach is particularly effective for chronic tension and contracted areas (neck, lower back and shoulders).

This type of massage works on the release of adhesions that exist between the different layers of muscles and deep connective tissues in order to reduce pain and promote the return to normal movement. This massage can be performed using  100% pure shea butter.

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massotherapie hatley sherbrooke

Yoga-Thai massage combines the positions of yoga and  the benefits of therapeutic touch, through massage.

Thai medicine is based on the belief that an intrinsic life force, or " Prana " energy, flows through the body. To create health and vitality, it is essential to allow this energy to flow freely. When Prana is blocked or restricted, discomfort or disease arises, which may manifest physically or  on an emotional level.

The main purpose of massage is to release such blockages and allow energy to flow along energy lines called " Sen ".

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Gift certificates available

Gift certificates are available at all times.

(Without expiry dates and transferable)

Most insurance contracts allow you to obtain at least partial reimbursement of the costs of  massage therapy treatment.

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