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Course of a session

Osteopathy  //

First meeting
Complete health check
with start of treatment

He  is  important to understand everything  what makes up an individual's history for  capture interactions  and the consequences. So we will ask you  questions about the reason for your visit, your medical history and the various events that may have influenced your state of health. This confidential information is essential and important before the examination and for the development of the osteopathic treatment plan. 

Treatment and evaluation

After opening the file, there will be the examination and treatment (duration of approximately  60 minutes for an adult, 50 minutes for a child or baby).

The duration of the therapeutic treatment is determined according to the intensity of your pain, your general condition and your ability to recover.


Treatment plans are always personalized. Usually, the therapeutic care is spread over a few or more sessions. The number and frequency of sessions  vary according to your requirement.


If you need to make a future appointment, we suggest that you do so when you leave your treatment, which will ensure your place in approximately  1 to 4 weeks. Otherwise it may be that the waiting time for a next appointment is too far.

You can then call or move it if necessary.


Osteopathy is a therapy  curative but above all preventive. We recommend a treatment every 4 or 6 months to help maintain your health.


We ask that you notify us one day in advance if you need to cancel your appointment, so that we can offer it to someone who needs it urgently, or who wants to move up their appointment.

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