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Appointment  // Cancellation policy

In order to offer a complete, professional and safe service, we offer our patients a post-treatment follow-up plan. Unfortunately,  some patients fail to show up for their previously scheduled appointment and do not notify us.  This reserved seat, which could most likely meet the needs of another person, cannot then be given to someone else.  


This is why the clinic has adopted an appointment cancellation policy.  Any patient who does not show up for their appointment, without notifying us at least 24 hours in advance, will have their appointment considered a service.  available and a $25 fee will be charged. 

To avoid any difficulty, a voicemail is available to you at 819-675-0530 as well as an email address ( ) to allow you to notify us at any time.  Understand that this delay gives us the opportunity to offer this time slot to another patient.

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