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A professional center for global health  //

Our  expertise is based on a holistic versus compartmentalized vision of health. According to  this  vision, all systems are interrelated and influence each other in a constant search for balance and homeostasis. 


When an imbalance occurs, the causes can be both structural, physical and emotional and several systems can be affected simultaneously, even if  a  pain is localized to a specific part of the body.

A global approach  aims  a multi-level treatment to promote the healing process and to help the body and mind return to a state of balance. This is what Estrya offers  health by offering osteopathy , massage therapy and psychotherapy services .

This therapy manual is based on a observation and analysis fine and deep subtle body movements may indicate an imbalance, as well as on top precise palpatory acts.

The techniques used by the osteopath treat muscle and joint pain, promote better functioning of internal organs and treat  nervous system imbalances, as well as other ailments such as migraines, intestinal or hormonal problems, etc.


"A healthy mind in a healthy body".

Psychotherapy is another gateway to accessing physical and emotional well-being. 

Mental tensions and stresses  relational or professional can  cause physical strain and other health implications  and well-being.

A personal approach accompanied by a psychologist can promote the return  equilibrium  emotional and a more harmonious and satisfying life.  


Therapeutic massage not only provides overall relaxation, but it is also effective against physical ailments caused by stress such as back pain, lack of energy, insomnia, digestive disorders and others.

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